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What’s inside (and what is not):

Carbogrip is a special high-molecular weight silicone resin. It doesn’t scratch components as it doesn’t contain sand or hard friction powder.

How it works:

Basically, when clamping force is applied, the high friction layer of Carbogrip keeps the part in place… but when the clamping force is removed (bolts untightened) silicone acts as a release agent, allowing an easy component removal.


over time, other mounting pastes can be washed away or loose their properties. Not Carbogrip, and here’s why it creates a very stable layer that makes it so effective as an anti-seizing:

  • it’s waterproof, so that – if used on a seatpost – it prevents water from getting in the frame;
  • it’s an electric insulator, preventing galvanic corrosion / cold welding between different metals;
  • it’s resistant to very high temperatures, so the resin won’t melt or migrate or change its properties.

Carbogrip can be easily removed using Carbomove or other petrol-based solvents (white, mineral spirits for example).

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