TORQ Hypotonic

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For any drink/solution to be effective in hydrating us, it must be rapidly absorbed into the body. One of the main factors affecting rate of absorption is the speed in which it can cross the wall of the small intestine into the blood stream via two main absorption methods: passive transport and facilitated transport. 

Nothing to be done with number one (hence "passive), but the latter, facilitated transport, can be tweaked and tailored. Facilitated transport requires carbohydrates. In techno-medical babble, it works like this:

Water enters the body via the small intestine through the process of contransport via the sodium-glucose contransporter 1, SGLUT1. These transporters do not need an osmotic gradient. As the carbohydrate and sodium is moved through the transporter it drags large amounts of fluid with it significantly assisting hydration. (Loo Zeuthen, Chandy, & Wright, 1996). 

The above is from the technical information provided on the Torq website. All the lay person needs to know is that facilitated transport works at rehydrating you, fast! In addition, Torq Hypotonic Solution offers significant benefits over electrolyte tablets... ah, but we're running out of room here, so please refer to for further information. 

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