ASSOS DB.9 HammerJack Large, Black

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When you think about what makes or breaks a casual jacket, more often than not, it's traced back to the materials and fit. If you don't start with those two essential ingredients, there isn't much hope in saving the design. No one in the cycling apparel world knows this better than Assos, which is why these elements stand as the foundation of its Dopo Bici line. Its DB.9 hammerJack was developed to be at top of this 'after bike' collection, as it's a technical soft shell jacket engineered to protect you from the elements while off of the bike. The DB.9 is a perfect illustration of the signature fit, functionality, and style that we've grown accustomed to from the Swiss apparel designer, and it's packed with those small details that continually serve to set Assos apart from the rest.

The DB.9 hammerJack was constructed with several of Assos' exclusive technical fabrics. For the bulk of the body paneling, Assos' DB-specific 210 fabric was employed. This flexible, low-volume material works to keep your core both insulated and dry though its 'four-way stretch' composition. The stretchy outer-layer provides a thin layer of insulation and wind protection, while the inner-layer pulls moisture away from your skin and any clothing layers underneath. This transportation process continues as moisture passes through the fabric and is deposited on the surface-layer where it quickly evaporates. Due to these properties, Assos considers this fabric to be a 'transportation' textile, as it functions to draw moisture away from the skin while still insulating your core. The shoulders and back were reinforced with additional water-repellent fabric, while the elbows and lower arms were given a coarse, anti-abrasion material to increase the overall durability. For the side panels and underarms, Assos applied its stretchy Bi-elastic 3D-honeycomb mesh fabric. In addition to providing a full range of movement at these high-stress zones, this material is also an effective transporter of moisture. Accordingly, this furthers your overall comfort by maintaining your 'internal microClima' inside the jacket.

In the fit department, the DB.9 hammerJack differs from Assos' cycling jackets in that it incorporates a more spacious paneling design that's been built specifically for your daily life away from the bicycle. The fabric panels were joined using its trademark AEPD pattern technology, which essentially contours to the body without restricting movement. The separate shoulder and elbow panels were cut in a shape that mimics your anatomical structure, which aids in a fit that smoothly wraps your arms and upper torso. A thin 'free-standing' neck panel composes the DB.9's collar, which was specifically designed to keep pressure off of the neck. And to complement this overall theme of comfort, Assos covered the inside seams of the DB.9 in order to provide smooth, chafe-free contact with your skin.

The cuffs were treated with zippered openings, and both the hem and cuffs were built with narrow bands in order to secure the fit. Two zippered front pockets line the front, and two 'safety' zippered pockets line the inside of the front panels on either side of the dual-opening main zipper. This full-length zipper was backed with a padded cover flap, serving to eliminate both chafing and wind penetration.
Assos finished off the DB.9 with a small logo at the chest, red 'locker loop' and logo at the back of the collar, as well as a reflective security stripe along the upper rear panel.

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