BIORACER Speedwear Concept Road Race Skinsuit

Article number: P-13114
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The Speedwear Concept Road Race suit is a slick way to cheat the wind and improve your top speed whilst time-trialling down those flat expanses of blacktop. Its top has the same Airstripe sleeve inserts from Bioracer's Speedmaster TT suit — basically, Airstripe's special weave aids aerodynamic efficiency by creating a boundary layer effect. Bottom line without reviewing physics and doing wind-tunnel testing: it makes you go faster. A cool addition to your racing armoury.

It's not all about the arms' race — your torso slips into the suit's Speed Silk treated lycra, letting you slip through the air like a breeze. Two spacious back pockets give you cargo room for your Moro or what have you; the pockets are strategically placed to have minimal impact on your aero position.


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