MERIDA 2022 Speeder 400 Fitness Bicycle

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Influenced by Merida's road bike range, the SPEEDER 400 combines quality road components with a lightweight aluminium frame and full carbon forks. The end result is a fast, agile and fun to ride flat-barred road bike (fitness bike) that loves tackling the daily commute as much as being taken out for long fast road outings at the weekend. Multiple fixing points allow bottle cages, fenders and a rear rack to be fitted, increasing the versatility of our fitness bikes even further.

Fast and lightweight, the SPEEDER shares its genes with Merida's road bike range. The geometry offers an extended reach for added stability while providing a more upright and comfortable riding position. The sporty yet comfort inspired geometry paired with control enhancing flat handlebars and powerful disc brakes make the SPEEDER ideal for fast commuting or fitness rides. Wider tyres and more tyre clearance underline the comfort element even further and give the SPEEDER more grip when it counts. call the 900 an 'excellent fast flat-bar road bike with awesome performance' and the 200 'an enjoyable flat-barred flyer for fitness, commuting and everyday riding'.

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