Michelin Power Tyre

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A lot of the staff here at Sky Blue Bikes have been riding the Michelin Pro Series, and Michelin is aiming to trump those with its new Power Tyre series. It may be the only tyre you need.

If you're looking for a reliable tyre that's practically bullet proof and can stay the distance, then Michelin's Power Tyre should be on your radar — it sure impressed the people on Bike Radar, one of the premier online cycling journals. Other magazines — print or online — tend to concur; go on, Google it yourself!

Or just know this: The Aramid Protek+ layer protects you from the hiss of death, "pshhhhh", and three layers of 110 threads-per-inch provide additional protection that, as it turns out, is still quite light relative to other tyres in its class. Another conundrum is that despite being super grippy, it maintains great durability. Even in the wet, grip is still good. These tyres have proved themselves in the frigid climes and climbs (not to mention descents) of the UK, so for local Hong Kong riding you could consider these an all-weather, all year, all types of riding kind of tyre — albeit, riding in a T9 typhoon is NOT recommended... don't ask us how we know. Okay, go ahead, ask.


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