ORTLIEB Commuter Daypack High Visibility Backpack 21 Litre

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If you’re interested in a simple design, a full range of functions and enhanced safety at night, then you may want to consider the Commuter-Daypack High Visibility.

The PVC-free, reflective Cordura yarn has the look and feel of a fine fabric despite the fact that it’s 100% waterproof and offers an enhanced degree of safety. This interwoven yarn is highly reflective as soon as it is struck by a motorist’s headlights. The effect is amplified by the fact that the high-luminosity yarn is interwoven across the entire daypack, including the shoulder straps. As a result, you’re afforded 360° protection at night and in twilight or bad-weather conditions. The likelihood that motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists will detect you in traffic is significantly increased.

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