Q36.5 Bib Short Salopette Dottore

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Salopette L1          

The Salopette L1 is the original Q36.5 garment, conceived in early 2013 concurrent with the founding of the brand. After 20 years of experience at the highest level of the industry, it represents Luigi Bergamo’s very personal vision of the future of cycling and expresses the mission of the brand.

The Salopette L1 is an extreme piece of cycling clothing, it feels like no other bib short in the history of modern cycling clothing has felt, jettisoning the norms of the industry (2-panel or 8 panel construction, moulded or sewn chamois, knitted fabrics). Put it on and its extremely compressive and supportive fit, fruit of long research into high density woven fabrics – as well as the radically new single panel cut, immediately increases your proprioceptivity. Ride it sensitively and it will become your teacher, elastically guiding your pedaling motion, reducing muscle vibrations and supporting your lumbar muscles.

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