Q36.5 Bib Short Salopette Gregarius

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Salopette Miles Gregarius

Miles Gregarius was the name given to basic foot soldiers in the Roman Legion. To be accepted into a Legion this so-called ‘basic’ foot soldier had to be to able cover 24 Roman miles (36 km) in under five hours carrying at least 30 kg of weight.
The Salopette Miles Gregarius represents Q36.5’s re-construction of the ‘traditional’ modern bib short feeling – after several years of research into the extreme feelings of the future, with the L1 and Vented models – to produce a best-quality and high value essential for riders who like their equipment simple and effective.


63% Polyamide 6.6
36% Elastane
1% Carbon Fibre (PAC)

188 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°C

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