Q36.5 Hybrid Que Long Finger Mid-Season Glove

Article number: P-17125
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Made from Q36.5’s proprietary single-layer fabric able to provide a degree of wind stopping comparable to that of fabrics with membranes, but with none of the associated drawbacks to breathability or stretch and comfort, the Hybrid Glove is a sophisticated and ultralight (42 g per pair) alternative to the popular knitted gloves used by many during spring or fall, when temperatures remain between 10-15° C.

The inner side of the Hybrid Glove’s fabric is fleeced for comfort and thermicity while the water repellency treatment and extremely high-density woven outer surface of the glove makes them more than capable of fending off light showers. Thanks to this material technology and workmanship, they dry very quickly — unlike traditional knitted gloves usually found in this temperature range.

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