Q36.5 Long Finger Summer Glove

Article number: Q365-257-BLACK-M
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The new long-finger version of Q36.5’s stripped-down and essentialist modern Grand Tour summer glove. 19g per glove. Lightweight and highly breathable, like the entire collection. Minimal padding in the palm area for nerve protection. Perforated genuine leather mitts with Japanese synthetic suede details. Bacteria-static polyamide/carbon fibre uppers. Micro-fleece towel and mesh insert. The glove is cut with a ‘pre-shape’ design, even when unworn it curls forward in the wrist and thumb-forefinger areas, mimicking the riding position of the hand, for minimal stress when worn.
The same barely-notice-you’re-wearing-it high performance feel of the Q36.5 Ultralight Absolute Foot Equipment sock.

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