BIORACER Men's Tri Short BR25002

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  • Excellent dynamic performance: Multidimensional elastic movement. The fabric is naturally stretched in every direction to follow muscle and joint movement.
  • Incomparable lightness: Oxyxgene is surprisingly light : a full range from 50 to 230 g/m2 to meet the requirements of customers who are looking for lightness
  • Revolutionary elasticity: A gentle retention mechanism creates an extraordinary and particularly effective second skin effect
  • Breathable: Oxygene offers maximum breathability in the air, yet allows water and air to slide off the fabric without penetrating the fibres : hydro and aero-dynamic performance assured and demonstrated in numerous tests.
  • UV protection: Oxygene provides a very high-performance protection against UVA/UVB, the measurement of the UV protection index, according to the AS/NZS 4399 standard, shows a figure higher than 700 UPF, which satisfy easily the highest protection level : 50+
  • Chlorine resistance: With regard to chlorine resistance, an Oxygene fabric loses only 17% of its elasticity after 60 hours of bathing, compared to 70% for a traditionally knitted structure. Oxygene’s outstanding resistance has been tested and confirmed.
  • Specific treatments: Oxygene fabrics have DryTech-C6 and HydroTech treatment
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