CAMPAGNOLO Super Record Chain 12 Speed

Article number: P-17997
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Apparently simple, the chain plays a critical fundamental role for cyclists’ safety and for optimizing the entire transmission mechanism. The new Super Record chain also had to be redesigned in order for it to interface with all the other new transmission components.
The first, essential objective was therefore to make it smaller. It is now 5.15 millimeters wide also thanks to the new pins perfectly aligned with the external surface of the links. The second objective was to safeguard performance thanks to the Ultra-link system, which makes the chain safe and long-lasting, and to a special treatment that guarantees high-level smoothness and precision shifting.
The Super Record™ chain comes with two fastening options: the classic Campagnolo pin or the new C-Link™, for even simpler removal and cleaning. The two versions have been conceived to deliver the versatility needed to satisfy the different requirements of all kinds of use. Both versions offer the same resistance and efficiency thanks to the use of the same materials and processes.
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