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The Dainese HGR line is designed to offer every rider the highest levels of stability, resistance and protection. Dainese HGR Gloves are designed to offer maximum abrasion- and tear-resistance in case of a fall or contact with any sharp objects such as rocks, branches or roots. The back of the hand features special inserts with a three-dimensional, anti-abrasion pattern.

The convenient strap cuff, which allows for a wide range of micro-adjustments, makes it easy to get hands in and out. The glove can be conveniently attached to the Dainese HGR line of pants using the Hook Button™ system, so as not to waste any time during quick stop & go phases.

Maximum confidence and control on the handlebars are guaranteed by the thin palm with special silicone inserts that does not interfere with riding sensation and allows perfect use of touch screens when worn.

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