DAINESE Kid's MTB Elbow Guard Scarabeo Pro

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The Dainese Scarabeo line offers the youngest riders technology developed by the great MTB champions and used in world championships.

All the safety of the professionals, to protect the athletes of tomorrow. The Dainese Scarabeo elbow guard is constructed around the Pro-Shape protector, inspired by the geometry of auxetic materials present in nature that, following an impact or stress, expand in all directions simultaneously, increasing the area of coverage.

The structure of the protectors allows for maximum flexibility and adapts to all arm positions, tracing the movements of the young rider, whether on the flat or downhill. Pro-Shape Scarabeo absorbs 83% of the force of an impact, rather than transmitting that energy to the elbow. 55% of the protector's surface area is open, allowing for effective ventilation and excellent heat exchange together with the highly breathable elastic fabric, even on the hottest of days.

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