ISADORE Arm Warmer Thermoroubaix 2.0

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Don't let the changeable weather conditions catch you off guard ever again. Simply combine Isadore arm warmers with your favorite cycling jersey and take advantage of their versatility. There to keep you warm during the cool sections of the ride, they are easy to pull off, or roll half way down when you start getting too hot. An essential accessory for the well-prepared cyclist. They are constructed from the finest soft brushed Italian ThermoRoubaix® material which comes from 100% recycled sources and complemented with perforated ThermoRoubaix® material strategically placed in most exposed areas for better breathability. Warm and cozy on the inside, luxuriously soft on outside to keep your arms comfortable and dry. One of the few Lycra cycling arm warmers on the market that is completely label free. We have printed all the care instructions directly onto the silicone grip, so you don’t have to bother with removing the labels and tags.

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