MAGENE Heart Rate Monitor Optical Armband

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H803 heart rate armband can collect the variation data through the Photodiode and calculate the heart rate. With the Dual-beam array, you can acquire more accurate detection data and capture real-time heart rate changes more efficiently.

As the exercise heart rate reaches the preset heart rate warning value, the armband will vibrate to remind you, more directly compared with the LED light warning. Effectively controlling the intensity of exercise and reducing the risk of sports injuries, H803 Heart Rate Armband enables you to dedicate yourself to exercise fully.

Comfortable, convenient and lightweight.
Adopting Lycra elastic webbing and Velcro buckle strap, the Armband is convenient to wear, skin-friendly, with an adjustable range of 19cm-31cm (accommodate a weight range of 40kg-120kg), applicable in multiple exercise types.

45h continuous endurance, meeting the requirement of long-distance training or competition.
Magnetic charging design allows it to charge as contacting.

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