MAVIC Men's MTB Notch Graphic Long Sleeve Jersey

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When loamy dirt prevails, pull on Mavic’s Notch Graphic Long Sleeve Jersey and hit the trails. It’s Ride Wick fabric, relaxed cut, and Hot Ride technology will keep you cool and collected when things start to heat up. Mavic’s Ride Wick fabric quickly pulls perspiration away from your skin in order to prevent dampness and discomfort during long days in the saddle. All the while, Mavic engineered this material to be incredibly soft on the skin. However, Ride Wick doesn’t sacrifice durability for comfort. In fact, the fabric is highly resistant to abrasion, and it’s fit is loose enough to wear over most body armor. Additionally, Ride Wick’s polyester knit has received Mavic’s proprietary Hot Ride technology, meaning that it will keep you cool and relaxed in temperature ranges up to around 28 degrees.

Mavic also designed this material to assist in protecting your skin by engineering it to provide a UPF 30+ level of protection — just in case you find yourself on exposed desert slick rock.

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