MERIDA 2022 Scultura Rival Edition Road Bicycle

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Built around the new wireless Rival groupset from SRAM the SCULTURA RIVAL EDITION takes clean lines to new heights. With its new streamlined frame and updated cable management, the new SCULTURA brings low weight and class-leading comfort to the table, while the wireless setup doesn't even show the slightest stretch of cable near the two derailleurs. Upgraded aerodynamics paired with impressive handling and remarkable comfort make the RIVAL EDITION a true allrounder.

New for 2022, we are excited to present the 5th generation lightweight racer. While incorporating selected aero details from Merida's test and award-winning REACTO aero bike, the new SCULTURA is the most aerodynamic ever. Yet, it remains true to its lightweight, agility and rider comfort focus; in fact it takes these factors to the next level.

The new SCULTURA demonstrates outstanding compliance, providing the rider with class-leading riding comfort that will help to keep the body fresh for the final sprint or ascent. The new CF5 and CF3 carbon versions share their geometry with our REACTO, given the rider Team Bahrain Victorious race-proven handling. Available in carbon and aluminium and as either disc brake or rim brake option, our classic road bike combines outstanding comfort with whippet-like acceleration and class-leading climbing pedigree.

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