ROECKL Icon Short Finger Glove

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Performance-oriented bikers or cyclists who search for relief for numb, pressure-sensitive hands will be happy with the ICON.

This ergonomically cut high-end short-fingered glove is one of its kind when it comes to comfort and performance. The innovative BI-FUSION® padding technology by ROECKL SPORTS is the core element and the main reason for the glove’s outstanding wear comfort. This dual-component padding adapts to the hand similar to gel gloves, while staying reliably dimensionally stable. It distributes pressure and weight perfectly and absorbs vibrations and impacts from rough ground as if they were nothing. The result: extra comfort and performance with hands feeling noticeably less tired.

In addition, a precise grip on the handlebar, more fun and efficiency when cycling - all essential benefits, especially on long rides! The stylish and airy knitted backhand and the palm made from thin, tactile and breathable ROECK-GRIP® synthetic material are just as comfortable and smooth. And the long cut slip-on construction without a fastener guarantees that putting the glove on is as effortless as can be together with a sporty, close fit.

Some more clever features: the seamless COMFORT-INNOVATION padding on the crook of the thumb, a generous wiping thumb, reflective design elements and the PULL OFF SYSTEM. Machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).

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